Anomaly Detection for Your Logs and Metrics

Zebrium ML learns the normal and anomalous patterns in your logs and metrics.

And turns them into actionable incidents.


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We tell you when there's a problem

Autonomous monitoring uses ML-based anomaly and incident detection to catch critical problems and show you root cause. No more staring at dashboards and hunting for root cause.

It works with any app - just install a lightweight log and metrics collector. Zero configuration or manual effort required.

Read more about it in this blog.


Zebrium Autonomous Monitoring - how it works


Rich log and metric exploration

Remember, Zebrium's ML automatically finds what you previously needed to search for!  But, if you need it, we also offer rich functionality to get more context on an incident or to drill-down into your logs and metrics.

For logs: we provide an aggregated explorer with full regex search, filtering, one-click charting, drill down and more. It's designed specifically for Developers and DevOps.

For metrics:  easily select and chart any time-series with a click. You can also view correlations across different time-series.

log explorer


3 - Zebrium metrics easy charting





We adhere to industry best practices for security including: encryption of data in flight,  AES-256 encryption of data at rest, granular removal of sensitive records or fields, secure isolation of customer data and an option for a dedicated instance and VPC. All customer data will be deleted upon termination of service or by request. Read our security policy here.

Supported platforms

Zebrium supported platforms Kubernetes linux docker cloudwatch

Syslog, ECS, VMware, Windows and more coming very soon.


“Our cloud provider made an API change which caused problems downstream. Zebrium not only detected the issue, but also helped us debug it quickly”. - Aran Khanna, CEO & Co-founder @


“Zebrium helped us avoid a service disruption by automatically finding an incident that pointed to a problem with the way our code was handling certificates.” – Haggai Zagury, DevOps Engineer & Tech Lead @ Tikal 


“We used Litmus Chaos Engine for K8s to induce failures in our OpenEBS platform. Zebrium not only automatically detected every single failure, but also identified its root cause.” - Murat Karslioglu, VP of Product Mgmnt @ MayaData

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