We're thrilled to announce that Zebrium has been acquired by ScienceLogic!

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Catch Incidents and see the
Root Cause  with

Zebrium and AppDynamics




Never Hunt Through Logs Again

Some problems can be detected with metrics, but you need to hunt through multiple logs to find the root cause. Using our integration, when AppDynamics detects an event or health rule violation, it sends a signal to Zebrium. Zebrium then uses machine learning on all related logs to find a small set of events that explain the root cause.

Shrink the time it takes to see what matters without manually hunting and correlating log events!

Uncover Blind Spots in Your Monitoring

Zebrium machine learning continually scans your logs for correlated clusters of anomalies. When one is found, it is sent to AppDynamics as a custom event, allowing you to see blind spots not covered by human built health rules.

Watch the video below to see how it works.

Plain Language Root Cause Summaries

"The system was running out of memory, and the OOM killer was invoked."


You don't even need to be a log expert to understand Zebrium's root cause reports. We use NLP (the GPT-3 language model) to construct simple plain language summaries that anyone can understand.


No Manual Training, No Rules

Zebrium unsupervised machine learning doesn't require any manual training and achieves accuracy within just 24 hours. 


Experience Zebrium with AppDynamics

Get started in just a few minutes by installing our log collector or using a Logstash output plugin.