Part 1 - Machine learning for logs

January 24, 2020 | David Gildeh

In our last blog we discussed the need for Autonomous Monitoring solutions covering the three pillars of observability (metrics, traces and logs). At Zebrium we have started with logs (but stay tuned for more). This is because logs generally represent the most comprehensive source of truth during incidents, and are widely used to search for the root cause.

In our last blog we discussed the need for Autonomous Monitoring solutions to help developers and operations users keep increasingly large and complex distributed applications up and running.

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The Future of Monitoring is Autonomous

December 23, 2019 | David Gildeh

Monitoring today is extremely human driven. The only thing we’ve automated with monitoring to date is the ability to watch for metrics and events that send us alerts when something goes wrong. Everything else: deploying collectors, building parsing rules, configuring dashboards and alerts, and troubleshooting and resolving incidents, requires a lot of manual effort from expert operators that intuitively know and understand the system being monitored.

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