We're thrilled to announce that Zebrium has been acquired by ScienceLogic!

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Root Cause as a Service  for Datadog




Root Cause Just Pops Up On Your Dashboards

Some software and infrastructure problems are easy to resolve by drilling-down on dashboards. But others require hunting through logs - a painful and time-consuming task. With Zebrium Root Cause as a Service for Datadog, you can now automatically see the best possible root cause indicators from the logs (the same ones you would have eventually found by digging through logs) directly on your dashboards.

Zebrium uses machine learning on logs and can automatically find the root cause with a 95.8% accuracy rate. And it only takes minutes to set up. Read more about how it works with Datadog and other monitoring tools here

Plain Language Root Cause Summaries

"The system was running out of memory, and the OOM killer was invoked."


You don't even need to be a log expert to understand Zebrium's root cause reports. We use NLP (the GPT-3 language model) to construct simple plain language summaries that anyone can understand.


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Zebrium is natively integrated with Datadog using an app widget or using an events/metrics dashboard integration. The solution is available for free trial or  purchase in the Datadog marketplace.