Kubernetes Autonomous Log Management and Monitoring

Zebrium plus Kubernetes, a perfect combination

Kubernetes lets you effortlessly manage distributed apps.

Zebrium saves you when something goes wrong.

machine learning for log anomaly detection

Catches incidents for you

Distributed applications have complex failure scenarios. Our ML finds them all. And when problems cascade across multiple micro-services, they're combined into a single incident.

save time 3

Dead simple setup

A single Helm command (or two kubectl commands) to start streaming logs.

Zebrium powerful kubernetes meta-data

Powerful aggregation

See everything at once or use powerful filters (e.g. cluster, deployment, pod, container, etc.) to see only what you want. 


Zebrium automatically parses and structures


Everything is auto-parsed

ML parses and extracts all fields from all apps (even custom ones). Never write a parsing rule again.

Straight to the root cause

We identify the leading edge of an incident and take you straight there. Our UI is optimized for lots of containers, nodes and pods. Finding anything a breeze (but mostly you won't have to because we find things for you)! 

find the cause, not the symptom

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