We're thrilled to announce that Zebrium has been acquired by ScienceLogic!

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Drill-down, Search & Chart your Logs and Metrics

In addition to its machine learning Incident Detection and Root Cause capabilities, Zebrium is also a powerful platform to aggregate, drill down and search your logs and metrics, build dashboards and quickly define custom alerts.

You can view all your logs in the logs tab:


Filter your logs by log type, severity, or any custom labels attached with the logs. You can filter “in” or “out” any logs by any of the above criteria:


Quickly jump to a particular time, and visualize heatmaps for a specified time range using the intuitive and flexible time navigator:


Quickly search and filter your logs with PCRe-2 regex compliant search:


The search operation automatically gives you a heatmap of search results within your specified time window. The heatmap provides you with a visual overview of the search match distribution. Hovering over any of the squares in the heatmap gives you a count of hits within the time period. Clicking on the heatmap navigates the log viewer to the closest matching log event.


Save any combination of filters as named views for future re-use:


Chart any numeric or string field in your logs simply by clicking on it and picking the Display Chart option from the pop up menu. Note that Zebrium ML auto-parses each event type so you don't have to build manual parsing rules. 


Recenter a chart by clicking on any point. You can also navigate to points of interest in the chart by double clicking a data point - this moves the log viewer to the matching log event.


Going back to the log viewer, you can simply click on any event or field in an event to create a heatmap of a specific event type.


The heatmap tool is fast and powerful. Depending on the type of heatmap (heatmap of an event type, or heatmap of a variable within an event type), it can highlight event count, or conditional counts (when a specific field in the event matches a particular value such as a specific IP address), or scale the heatmap intensity according to the value of a numeric field.



Finally, if you need more advanced dashboard capabilities, you can take advantage of our Grafana integration (within our UI, or self hosted by you).

Zebrium and Grafana chart 2