Zebrium Autonomous Log Monitoring Demo

Zebrium demo EA16




This 2 minute video, provides an overview and  demonstration of the Zebrium platform.

CNCF Member Webinar: Using Machine Learning for Autonomous Log Monitoring 

CNCF Zebrium Webinar

In this CNCF webinar Larry Lancaster discusses and demonstrates an approach that utilizes unsupervised machine learning to structure and categorize streaming log events and then learn normal and anomalous log patterns. The end result is reliable auto-detection of incidents and their root cause.

Test in production - SF Meetup - Live Video

20191120 - Test In Production - Larry Lancaster -  R1



Watch Larry Lancaster, the founder of Zebrium, talk about an implementation of autonomous log monitoring to auto-detect detect critical software incidents. Recorded live at the Test in production - San Francisco Meetup on November 20, 2019.

Getting started in 90 seconds

Getting started in 90 seconds





This short video takes you through the Zebrium UI and shows you how to get started.