All tiers include autonomous incident and root cause detection. Getting started takes less than 2 minutes.

Feature Free Augment Premium Enterprise
Log ingest volume 500MB/day Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Metrics Hosts 3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Retention 3 days 3 days 14 days Custom
Log Pricing (per month) Included $0.75/GB $1.50/GB Custom
Prometheus Metrics Pricing (per month) Included $2.50/host $5.00/host Custom
Free trial period Free Forever 30 days  30 days  30 days 
Minimum monthly spend $0 $25/month $45/month Custom
ML-Powered log parsing and structuring
Autonomous Incident & Root Cause Detection
Log drill down, regex search, charting & filter
Alert via Slack, Email and Webhook
Users 1 10 25 Custom
Custom metrics per 1,000 DPM (Datapoints Per Minute)   $1/month $1/month $1/month
PagerDuty and Slack app integration for incident root cause  
Custom log event signatures with ML management    
Custom Alert Rules    
Grafana Dashboards      
Optional Private Instance      
Optional Full SQL access      



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