Product, Technology & Meetup Videos

Technology Overview and Demo

Zebrium explained - when an app breaks, instead of hunting through logs, our ML automatically shows you root cause (1 min)

Zebrium demo - Watch us break a microservices app and then see Zebrium detect the problem and root cause (1 min)

Zebrium is machine learning that finds root cause automatically, as explained by Zebrium Founder and CTO, Larry Lancaster. (1 min)

Zebrium in 90 seconds - It not only catches software problems automatically, but also shows root cause!

ZELK vs ELK: A comparison of Zebrium machine learning and native Elastic Stack machine learning (3 minutes)

Two product demos showing ML root cause detection - Zebrium as a Log Manager and Zebrium augmenting an APM tool (15 minutes)

Demo showing Zebrium integrated into the Elastic Stack. Leverage the power of Zebrium incident and root cause detection right inside Kibana! (90 secs)

Product Videos

Introduction to Zebrium - 2 mins

Getting started with Zebrium - 90 secs

One click charting - 1 min

How to use search and Tracks - 3 mins

Meetup recordings

BayLISA Meetup - Feb 2020 - Autonomous Log Monitoring: Using ML for auto incident detection

CNCF Member Webinar - Jan 2020 - Using Machine Learning for Autonomous Log Monitoring

Test in production - LaunchDarkly San Francisco Meetup - Testing in production requires an automated red light