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How it works

Autonomous Monitoring - how it works


log and metrics collector setup

It takes 2 minutes to install our log and metrics collectors. No parsers, libraries, code changes or config needed. 

Within minutes, our ML learns the structures of your logs,  and builds a “dictionary” of your app's unique events. Now click step 2 above.


In the first hour, it gains a good understanding of the normal patterns of every event and metric (and it keeps getting better as it sees more data). 

Zebrium machine learningWhen log or metric patterns change, our ML detects these as anomalies. To separate signal from noise, it then looks for hotspots of abnormally correlated anomalies across both metrics and logs. Now Click step 3 above.


2 - Zebrium Autonomous IncidentThe hotspots detected in step two, become incidents that are sent via Slack, email or a webhook. Operation is entirely autonomous - no manual configuration,  thresholds, or alert rules are needed.


Rich log and metric exploration


log explorer

Auto-detected incidents typically have enough detail and you won't have to go any further. But we also offer rich functionality if you want more context or to drill-down into your logs and metrics.

For logs: we provide an aggregated log explorer with full regex search, filtering, one-click charting of embedded variables, drill down and more.


3 - Zebrium metrics easy charting



For metrics, easily select and chart any time-series with a click. You can also see correlations between different time-series.





securityWe adhere to industry best practices for security including: encryption of data in flight,  AES-256 encryption of data at rest, granular removal of sensitive records or fields, secure isolation of customer data and option for a dedicated instance and VPC. All customer data will be deleted upon termination of service or by request. Read our security policy here.



Supported platforms

Works with any app



“Our cloud provider made an API change which caused problems downstream. Zebrium not only detected the issue, but also helped us debug it quickly”. - Aran Khanna, CEO & Co-founder @ reserved.ai


“Zebrium helped us avoid a service disruption by automatically finding an incident that pointed to a problem with the way our code was handling certificates.” – Haggai Zagury, DevOps Engineer & Tech Lead @ Tikal 


“We used Litmus Chaos Engine for K8s to induce failures in our OpenEBS platform. Zebrium not only automatically detected every single failure, but also identified its root cause.” - Murat Karslioglu, VP of Product Mgmnt @ MayaData

Getting started is free and easy

Spend just two minutes of your time and you'll be amazed at what we detect!