We're thrilled to announce that Zebrium has been acquired by ScienceLogic!

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Resolve App Incidents 10x Faster in your Elastic Stack 

Let Zebrium not only catch application incidents, but also show root cause using your Elastic Stack. No manual training, no manual alert rules and no changes to your end points.

This is not like the noisy anomaly detection you might have seen before. It  uses machine learning to detect real incidents and produces incident summaries showing root cause.

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See Incidents and Root Cause Right Inside Kibana

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See auto-detected application incidents in an elegant Kibana dashboard. With just a click you can view the set of correlated log events that describe the root cause. Thumbs up and down buttons let you provide feedback on incident quality and customize your incident feed. 

ZELK vs ELK: Zebrium vs Elastic Machine Learning

Elastic native machine learning can find anomalies in your logs and metrics. But they are typically noisy and require human interpretation and correlation to uncover useful information. Zebrium takes a different approach - it simply finds incidents and shows root cause. More details here.

Zelk ML vs elk ML

No More Fragile Alert Rules

You no longer need to build and maintain manual alert rules for the ever-increasing number of possible failure modes. Zebrium configuration is automatic, and accurate detection occurs within an hour of first use.


Reduce false positives

Zebrium machine learning works by finding hotspots of  abnormally correlated anomalous patterns across logs and metrics. This significantly reduces the number of false positives compared with other anomaly detection techniques.

Simple Integration



It only takes a few minutes to setup Zebrium to work with your existing Elastic Stack. Just add a Logstash output to send logs to Zebrium and an input for Zebrium  to send incident details back to Logstash.  You can setup your own dashboard to see Zebrium incidents or use our prebuilt Kibana canvas.

Try ZELK Stack for free

ZELK Stack uses the same incident and root cause detection technology that has been proven across hundreds of different technology stacks. Try it now for free!




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