AIOps for Logs and Metrics

Zero training or rules. Value in minutes.


Let machine learning resolve incidents 10x quicker.

Use it to augment Elastic Stack and other tools or as a standalone log manager.



logs and metrics go in and incidents with root cause come out

Video: Zebrium Explained in 90 Seconds


Catch incidents without building rules

Sick of building and maintaining alert rules as new failure modes are discovered? Let our machine learning catch your software incidents without any manual work. It works by finding hotspots of abnormally correlated log and metric anomalies and achieves reliable and accurate detection within an hour of first use. 

Zebrium automatically detects incidents and their root cause

Zebrium reduces MTTR vs other approaches

See root cause to speed-up MTTR

Today, the best DevOps teams have automated everything. But tracking down root cause is still manual, causing Mean-Time-To-Resolution to get worse as software complexity grows. Zebrium changes this by using machine learning to uncover the root cause. This means faster MTTR and less hunting for root cause!

Works with your Elastic Stack

Zebrium works seamlessly with your Elastic Stack giving automatic incident and root cause right inside Kibana.

Simply configure a Logstash output to send logs to Zebrium and an input for Zebrium  to send incident details back to Logstash. It's that easy.


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Even adds root cause to incidents detected by other tools


Zebrium integrates with PagerDuty and Slack and can augment any type of incident detection tool (e.g. existing monitoring, APM, logger, help desk, etc.).

So, next time dinner is interrupted by an alert from your incident response tool, just relax! Zebrium can instantly show you the relevant log lines and metric charts that describe root cause without any work. No more missed dinners hunting through logs and charts.

Zebrium works augments incidents with root cause even when detected by 3rd party

save time and money-1


Save time and save money

Cutting MTTR doesn’t just mean happier users – it also saves precious SRE, DevOps and developer hours currently spent chasing down incidents and hunting for root cause. On top of that, our customers typically save 30-50% in logging/monitoring software costs by switching to us. Cost efficiency comes from our underlying relational structure that achieves higher efficiency for retention and queries compared with traditional text search based logging tools.

Take the 1 hour challenge

•  Sign-up for free and install a log collector (5 mins) 

•  Watch training videos and familiarize yourself with the UI (25 mins) 

•  After a day or two, review results and be amazed at what we've found (30 mins)


That's all it takes to see the value of Zebrium. Start saving precious time now!