Keep badly behaved software out of production

We prevent escapes in stage/release and tell you when to rollback in canary.

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Find known and unknown issues

Quickly finds the knowns & unknowns

We detect badly behaved software across your continuous delivery pipeline. This means preventing escapes in stage/release and telling you when to rollback in canary. We then show you a breakdown of issues and guide you to resolution.

While log management and monitoring tools are only as good as the dashboards someone predefines, Zebrium finds anomalies, known issues, exceptions and errors without you having to do anything.

Faster triage and root cause identification

Failures are automatically categorized, simplifying triage and assignment, and making it easy to spot issues that share the same root cause.

A developer can then go straight to a distilled set of logs and metrics and use structured query and filtering to quickly find the root cause. Then, with just a few clicks, a "signature" can be created that automatically detects the issue if it happens again.

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How are we different?

We are the observability tool for logs and metrics.

We use machine learning to perfectly structure logs and metrics. Each log line is schematized by event type, with parameters captured into their own typed columns and optimized for query. The schema is self-managed across versions. We can then uncover anomalous patterns that other tools don't see, and expose the full power of SQL

Unlike other tools, there is no need to add instrumentation, pre-structure your logs or manually define parsing expressions.

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