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Autonomous Monitoring - how it works

Logs and metrics go in, incidents and root cause come out. Zero configuration.




The Only Way Forward is Autonomous


We live in a cloud native world. Everything is automated. Yet catching unknown unknowns is still manual, and MTTR continues to get worse as complexity grows. 

The only way forward is autonomous. Where machine learning catches and characterizes all incidents, speeding-up MTTR

machine learning for log anomaly detection

Slash Mean-Time-To-Resolve

Machine learning detects correlated anomalies and patterns in logs and metrics, and uses them to automatically catch and characterize critical incidents and show you root cause. This means faster MTTR and no more hunting for root cause!

Catch Unknown Unknowns

Traditional log and monitoring tools catch only the symptoms you tell them to catch. Everything else takes scanning and searching plus human effort and instincts. Autonomous monitoring catches and characterizes them all, even the unknown unknowns. 

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Zero Effort

Get started with a free account - install of our log collector and Prometheus metrics scraper takes just 2 commands. We’ll start catching and showing you incident details within an hour. No more manual configuration, fragile alert rules or searching through large volumes of logs and metrics.


“Our cloud provider made an API change which caused problems downstream. Zebrium not only detected the issue, but also helped us debug it quickly”. - Aran Khanna, CEO & Co-founder @


“Zebrium helped us avoid a service disruption by automatically finding an incident that pointed to a problem with the way our code was handling certificates.” – Haggai Zagury, DevOps Engineer & Tech Lead @ Tikal 


“We used Litmus Chaos Engine for K8s to induce failures in our OpenEBS platform. Zebrium not only automatically detected every single failure, but also identified its root cause.” - Murat Karslioglu, VP of Product Mgmnt @ MayaData

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