Dev/Test Forensics



 Shorten development cycles. Improve quality. Reduce strain on teams.



Automatically detects and triages failures

Being told a test passes or fails is not enough. We highlight and categorize symptoms, regressions and known issues and group failures that share the same root cause. We even uncover potential new issues missed by automated test.


Takes the pain out of problem resolution
ML turns logs and metrics into a heatmap of the most likely problem areas. Search, filtering and collaboration make resolution a breeze. Once solved, create a signature (such as a multi-event sequence) with a few clicks that automatically detects the issue if it happens again.
Perfectly structures logs and metrics
Sick of regexes, scripts and log management tools to find what you need? Zebrium ML schematizes your log data by event type, then captures each parameter into its own typed column so you can query with ease. Schema is self-maintained across versions to ensure everything just works.

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