Autonomous Log Monitoring

Catch problems earlier. Solve them faster. Driven by machine learning.

Zebrium - now in private beta

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Cloud native?

Log monitoring for Kubernetes


We find critical problems for you

Machine learning automatically catches critical problems. No figuring out what to monitor. No complex rule definitions. No expertise needed.

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Early warning

Catch the leading-edge

Detecting symptoms is not enough. We find the "leading edge" - the event that triggered the problem. Giving you more time to deal with it.

Sick of root-cause hunting?

We take you straight to the specific events and context needed to track down root cause. Our elegant user-interface makes resolution a breeze. 

find the cause, not the symptom

Ten things your log manager and monitoring can't do

Warning - if you try these with <*>, you will be disappointed!

*Insert your favorite log manager or monitoring tool here.

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